Possibility Thinking

I have not always had a positive outlook on life. In fact, a lot of my life was comprised of a cynical outlook which caused me to have a closed mind. This closedmindedness limited me to see possibilities for my situations and created a lot of unnecessary obstacles.

As soon as I started to realize that I was not a victim of circumstance and prayed that God would show me opportunities, my eyes started to see possibilities I hadn’t realized were there before.

Sir Roger Bannister was a physician in the 1950’s. He was also a distance runner. During the time he was running, no one in the world had approached the possibility of actually breaking a 4 minute mile. The overarching thought was that it was an impossibility.

One day, Sir Roger Bannister ended up running a mile in 4 minutes 3 seconds and 6/10 of a second. After that happened he started to believe that he actually had a chance at breaking the 4 minute mile because all he had to do was shave off 3 seconds to his time, and that seemed possible to him.

So on May 6, 1954, he broke the 4 minute mile and broke the record by running a mile in 3 minutes 59 seconds and 4/10 of a second. After he accomplished what he thought was impossible, he realized that the barrier was all in people’s minds all along.

By coming to that realization and achieving that great feat, he unleased possibility thinking to the world and his record only stood for 46 days. He was promoting an “anything is possible” mindset.

So how can you foster possibility thinking for yourself?

The following are steps that I use to take me from a closed state of mind to one with great possibilities:

  1. Identify any hidden mindsets, beliefs, or habitual ways of thinking that keep you stuck. For example “I am never going to lose weight” or “I am too old to get a job”.
  2. Challenge the thoughts that keep you stuck by rephrasing them. For example, instead of thinking “I am never going to lose weight” think “I can hire a trainer that will teach me the proper way to lose weight” or instead of thinking “I am too old to get a job” think “I have great experience that can truly add value to my new employer”.
  3. Ask yourself “what if” questions. For example: “what if I lose the weight I want, then what?” or “what if I’m exactly the right candidate they are looking for?”
  4. Allow yourself to imagine what the future would look like for the possibilities. For example: ask yourself the miracle question which asks “if you were to go to sleep tonight and a miracle happened and your situation changed to the ideal scenario what would that look like?”
  5. Notice what is happening to you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as you paint that mental picture of the possibilities for yourself. 

Every time you start to feel stuck, like there is no way out and you only see road blocks instead of possibilities, pray that God will show you what possibilities He has for you and then go through the 5 steps.

Ultimately, we can get far better results in anything we do when we see and believe there are possibilities. 

The more you practice this, the better you will get at seeing things that were hidden from your periphery and your outlook on seemingly dead end situations will become bright and hope filled.

Please share how you promote possibility thinking in your life by commenting below. However, if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t see a way out of, please contact me and I would love to come alongside you to help you draw out possibilities that can move you forward in the right direction.