Fear won't win this time!

Most of you may not know this, but I have always wanted to write a book. Actually, I did write a book about 7 years ago. I guess it was more of just a story, but I really wanted to publish it and have a real life, hold in your hand-page turning-book.

The story was about a day in the life of my “curly girls” (daughters). More specifically, us going to the park, and all the funny things that happened along the way there.

I had written it all out by hand. I even used some of my daughter’s colored construction paper because I would write in spurts and whenever I had ideas, I would grab whatever was close by to write on. I spent hours doing research on how to get it published. I spoke to several authors to get pointers. I was getting really excited about the possibility that my dream would actually come true.

I then took the book to a writer’s group to get feedback from them. I wanted to see if they found it interesting and if it had any chance of getting published. Happily, everyone said they enjoyed the tale of my girls and encouraged me to type it all out, make it look nice, and send copies to publishers in hopes of getting published.

There I was with a stack of papers that held a narrative dear to my heart. I really felt that God had given me the words to make this story possible. But then something terrible happened. Fear happened. This fear caused me to think I wasn’t good enough to be an author. Fear made me believe that this was really a pipe dream and it was way out of my reach. Little by little I started losing hope for a book and eventually put the papers away in a drawer.

Days passed as I would shush the still small voice that would try to encourage me to take the papers out and finish what I started. I would stifle any desire that would try to creep in because FEAR had taken over my mind. I eventually ended up throwing that stack of papers away in the garbage, never to be read again.

The thing is, the aspiration to write a book never has vanished, even though the first story I wrote did.

Fast forward to several years later, here I am faced with the same goal I had before-to write a book. This time I’m not allowing fear to control my actions. I’m not going to allow it to rule my thoughts. Instead I’m going to take action despite the fear. The bible says: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline” 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT. Therefore, I’m holding tight to those words, because fear will not get the best of me again.

I have since reignited my desire to write and have committed to a challenge of writing at least 500 words a day for 31 days. This time around, I will finish what I start. So keep a look out for my book because it’s sure to come.

Have you ever allowed fear to stop you from pursuing your dreams? If so, write in the comments where you are allowing fear to control you and what you are going to do to take action despite it.