Website nightmares

Building a website is not my cup of tea. It has been difficult designing this site to say the least. I've tried to get help from anyone that would be gracious enough to come to my rescue. I've been looking at others websites to come up with ideas and although they have enlightened me some, it hasn't sparked genius in me to craft an awesome and mind blowing website. I've had to reach out to God in prayer many times so as to not tear my hair out, cry uncontrollably, throw the computer out the window, or just plain quit. Little by little I'm doing what I can daily. I've assigned time frames to work on this and do not go over in order to not get too overwhelmed. All in all, I'm reminding myself of what's at stake if I don't push through this struggle. Sure I could just call it a day and hire someone but I'm not prepared to incur that cost at the moment. So I will labor on to it's help me God! Keep checking back to see my progress and I promise the best is yet to come.